Pura Fruta

I often find myself increasing my grocery bill when I go to one of my favorite grocery stores, Whole foods. With so many healthy options and brands to discover, you can't help but purchase a new item that you've never had before.  

Discovered in Whole Foods, Vauxhall, New Jersey.

Discovered in Whole Foods, Vauxhall, New Jersey.

One particular day as I was about to walk up to the register to check out, I came across this all natural vegan mango juice that looked really good. From the picture shown, the name of the brand is called Pura Fruta. I think if was the packaging that caught my attention! Being that I study brands quite often, I couldn't help but notice the clean aesthetic that the front of the label displayed along with the size and shape of the bottle. Although the the price is steep at $5 a bottle this all natural mango juice is very, very good! This mango juice was SO pure! I've been a fan of Naked Juice for quite some time, but tasting Pura Fruta's pure mango juice has given me reason to believe that there are a few "extra" ingredients in Naked Juice. 

If you are skeptical of my word, try Pura Fruta for yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed! 

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