Prayers That Build

 But you, dear friends, must continue to BUILD yourselves up in your most holy faith for your own benefit. Furthermore, continue to PRAY(in the Holy Spirit). Jude 1:20 ISV

Lost Angeles, California, May 2016

Lost Angeles, California, May 2016

Did you know that prayer is so much more than just dialogue between you and God? Prayer not only establishes relationship, but it has the ability to:




Prayer can build you any type of life that you want or yield you anything that you need. Why is that? someone may ask. It is simply because God has laid a constructive piece in our mouth, our tongue. To establish a foundation for building we must understand Proverbs 18:21 which says, "Life and death is in the power of the tongue. And those that love it will eat it's fruit." That means that your very words go out as seeds but return to you as produce(fruit) - good or bad. The bible also states "The tongue is a small part of the body but makes great boasts." James 3:5. Now, a lot of people view "boasting" as negative, but I want you to view it in a more positive aspect in that your words boast(create, shape) something much bigger or greater than it is. Considering that words formulate prayer, our prayers now have an ability to produce or build something from a place that started small(word seeds)! 

Let's look at a man named Cornelius in the book of Acts, chapter 10. The bible describes Cornelius as who was "devout" which, according to Webster, means that he would be devoted to a particular religion, loyal, serious and sincere. According to the bible, Cornelius reverenced God with all of his house, he always gave to people, and he PRAYED ALWAYS. This man gave and prayed so much that one day God sent an angel to tell him that his giving and his praying have come up to Him as a memorial. Now, wait a minute. A memorial? How can that be? 

Because I am a huge fan of Webster Dictionary, I want to break down the word memorial. In adjective form a memorial is described as something that is created or done to honor a person. In noun form a memorial is a MONUMENT that keeps remembrance alive or serves as a reminder of an event. So let's paraphrase Acts chapter 10, verse 4 with the word monument: 

"And when Cornelius looked on him(the angel), he was afraid, and said, 'What is it, Lord?' And the Angel said unto him 'Your prayers and your alms have been building monuments before God in heaven!" So see, when you are praying you are building something! And when you are building something you are establishing something!

Make your request known to God as you continually pray(Philippians 4:6); at the appointed time, just as God dispatched an angel to Cornelius, He is going to dispatch what you've been continually praying about because you've been building it up before Him! 

Your praying is NOT in vain, and it is building something so beautiful before God.



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